Dear Staff, Students and potential students

Welcome to the School of Pure and Applied Sciences, Kirinyaga University, Kenya. The School is located in the Academic Block, around 100 metres from the main gate.

Currently, the School has the following six degree programmes, two diploma programmes, and two certificate programmes:

  1. BSc (Statistics)
  2. BSc (Mathematics and Computer Science)
  3. BSc (Actuarial Science)
  4. BSc (Information Technology)
  5. BSc (Computer Science)
  6. BSc (Business Information Technology)
  7. Diploma in Information Technology
  8. Diploma in Business Information Technology
  9. Certificate in Information Technology, and
  10. Certificate in Business Information Technology

With a student population of 676 and 27 teaching and support staff. Our pioneer students in BSc (Mathematics and Computer Science) and BSc (Information Technology) graduated last year during our first graduation ceremony. The number graduating this year will go up as BSc (Statistics) are due for graduation. The School has one Department: The Department of Pure and Applied Sciences.

As the University is looking forward to grow the student population, the School Board and the Deans have already approved eight degree programmes and they are at the Senate level. These programmes are:

  • MSc (Statistics)
  • MIS (Master of Information Science)
  • BSc (Financial Engineering)
  • BSc (Bachelor of Science)
  • BSc (Analytical Chemistry)
  • BSc (Applied Statistics)
  • BSc (Computer Science) and
  • BSc (Information Science)

Our objective is to get more applications to our study programmes.

As a School of Science, we must be dedicated to making sure that science has a strong position in research. This is what has prompted us to begin offering Masters degree programmes.

We all work together to inspire enthusiasm among young people for the mysteries of science. This will become evident once we start offering BSc (Financial Engineering) where graduates can be involved in pricing of assets and creation of new securities hence price discovery.

Personally, I am concerned with making sure that a sufficient amount of young people choose a study programme that qualifies them for the job market. Not least, it is essential that enough young people choose mathematics at a sufficiently high level. In my experience, good mathematics skills are imperative for getting involved in science.

In conclusion, I encourage staff in the School to be accommodating to potential applicants and - not least - to welcome them when they begin their studies at the School of Pure and Applied Sciences!

Dr. Irene Okello
Dean (School of Pure and Applied Sciences).
Kirinyaga University


Address: P.O.Box: 143-10300
Kerugoya, Kenya
Phone: +254 0709 742000