Member of teaching staff in Department of Pure and Applied Sciences and their qualifications

1 Dr. Joseph Esekon PhD in Applied Mathematics
2 Dr. Aaron Mogeni PhD in Computer Science
3 Jeremiah Kinyanjui MSc in Pure Mathematics
4 Irene Okelo MSc in Pure Mathematics
5 Geoffrey Muthoka  MSc in Pure Mathematics
6 Martin Miano Med in Administration and Planning  
7 Harun Gitonga MSc in Social Statistics
8 Lucas Macharia MSc in Statistics
9 Zachary Kirori MSc in Computer Science
10 Rose Munyao MSc in Information Systems
11 Josphat Karani MSc in Computer Science
12 Janet Shikhuyu MSc in Information Science
13 Florence Maweu MSc in Computer Science
14 Ephantus Mwangi MSc in Computer Science
15 Joseph Karomo BSc in Mathematics & Computer Science
16 Mwangi Njomo BSc in Information Technology
17 Irene Mwangi BSc in Information Technology
18 Shaaban Macharia BSc in Computer Science
19 Samuel Kimwea BSc in Information Technology
20 Phillip Wanjohi BSc in Computer Science & Information
21 Susan Njuguna BSc in Computer Studies & Mathematics



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