About the School of Pure & Applied Sciences

Dear Staff, Students and potential students

Welcome to the School of Pure and Applied Sciences of Kirinyaga University, Kenya. The School is located in the Academic Block, around 100 meters from the main gate.

Science, Technology, and Mathematics being the driving force behind industrialization, the School offers a variety of postgraduate degree programmesdegree programmesdiploma programmes, certificate programmes and short courses.

The school has qualified teaching and non-teaching staff and fully furnished modern computer and Science Laboratories.

Our objective is to provide relevant and market oriented programmes to our students

As a School of Pure and Applied Science, we must be dedicated to making sure that Science, Technology, and Mathematics have a strong position in research. This is what has prompted us to begin offering Post graduate degree programmes.

We all work together to inspire enthusiasm among our learners for the mysteries of Science, Technology, and Mathematics. This is evident in the programmes we offer such as BSc Analytical Chemistry, BSc Actuarial science, BSc Financial Engineering, BSc Software Engineering etc. where graduates are given room for innovation and creativity.

Welcome to the School of Pure and Applied Sciences.

Peter Wanjohi, PhD.


Postgraduate Programmes

  1. Master of Science in Statistics
  2. Master of Science in Information Science
  3. Master of Science in Applied Mathematics
  4. Master of Science in Pure Mathematics

Undergraduate Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  2. Bachelor of Business Information Technology
  3. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  4. Bachelor of Science in Information Science
  5. Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
  6. Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Engineering
  7. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science
  8. Bachelor of Science in Statistics
  9. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
  10. Bachelor of Science General
  11. Bachelor of Science in Analytical Chemistry
  12. Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics
  13. Bachelor of Science in Financial Engineering

Diploma Programmes

  1. Diploma in Information Technology
  2. Diploma in Business Information Technology
  3. Diploma in Information Science

Certificate Programmes

  1. Certificate in Information Technology
  2. Certificate in Business Information Technology
  3. Certificate in Information Science

Short Courses

  1. Proficiency Certificate in Computer Applications.
  2. Certificate in data & Information Security.
  3. Certificate in Computer Networking.
  4. CISCO IT Essentials.